About Me

Hello  I am miriam loeb and and im starting my buisness future fit fashions i decided that i wanted two be a fashion designer when i was in first grade. that summer i went to sewing camp where i made an awesome skirt and when i got back i right away made a shirt to mach it and now whenever i sew i put on that outfit because i say that it is my sewing outfit.

About Future Fit Fashions

FFF [future fit fashions] has been my dream for a couple of years now and and i am so happy that im am starting to make my dream come true. FFF is a small fashion business owned by me miriam loeb and i am having so much fun getting started. the name future fit fashions got made up in a very interesting way because one nighe i was thinking about ideas for my busness and i didnt know what to name it and then my mom said somthing she didnt say future fit fashions but she said somthing close and then my brother was like oh FUTURE FIT FASHIONS thats a good idea and i loved it and so thats what i used!

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